I Help Law Enforcement, Military, Nurses & Firefighters to:
* Tell Your Story
* Teach From Your Story
* Transform & Help Others With Your Story

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I am a full time employee of my local County police department in NY. I left the NYPD very early on in my career.

I became a cop to support my young family financially and ending up finding a much larger family on the job. Throughout my 23 year journey I’ve experienced thousands of interactions between Emergency Medical Staff & Fire Departments. 

They’ve always treated us well. The similarities of services go deeper than surface level. Police, Medical & Fire are all a part of a larger family. 

My better half is a brilliant Nurse and I’ve become great friends with many Fire Chiefs.

So I feel very comfortable in all those intersecting worlds.

Every type of hero could use a little recharge from time to time.

What I Do

I am a professional speaker, an active duty Detective & and a published author.

I Coach.

Heart of A Hero Coaching Course™

  • Teaches you How to Use Your Own Journey as a Hero to Serve More People. Your Story is YOUR Super Secret Power for Helping More People for Creating More Predictable Business Growth

High Six Figure Coaching Hero™

  • Helps Frontline Hero’s Quickly Launch Their 1st Online Course in 90 days or Less, With Complete Confidence So They Can Start on The Path to Retire in 24 months.

I Speak.

  • My Mission has Become to Help Other Heroes Have a Deeper Meaning to the Journey they are on
  • HEROES Need Saving Too- About avoiding burnout (strategies)
  • Positivity Growth Hacks (strategies to foster kindness & good will)

I Podcast.

  • Made by a Hero for Heroes.
  • Highlight and Celebrate their great stories
  • Interviews of Our Modern Day Heroes That Highlight and Celebrate their Great Stories

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"The distance between your dream and reality is called action".
"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing".